Facts and data

KinetiC-NC / 1.6 MHz with CnCPod Hardware

CNC control software / milling software with top features – Directional – NEW

Predefined set of Parameters for all CNC STEP models

  1. Step frequency: 1,6 MHz !

  2. Maximum number of axes: 6 axes

  3. Connection to PC via: Network

  4. Graphical 3D display with milling presentation and web preview

  5. 3D simulation in demo mode

  6. Plug & Play Auto parameter settings for all CNC-STEP machines

  7. Industrial offset management with G54 – G59 and parking position

  8. Processing of all NC programs according to DIN ISO (G code)

  9. High process reliability: stop processing – continue without step loss in the event of a fault, crashed PC etc. by buffer underflow

  10. Flexibility: start at any program line

  11. Simplicity: No additional network card required – auto-detection of the Hardware

  12. Optimized track preview with shock limitation and adjustable lateral acceleration

  13. Automatic adjustment of feed rates to the curve

  14. Improved surface quality due to reduced jitter during Interpolation

  15. Integrated text editor with color syntax highlighting

  16. Feed Override 0-150% while processing

  17. All machine settings can be imported and exported, also partial quantities.

  18. Range monitoring of all axes with soft limits

  19. Connectable Input devices: Keyboard – Wireless keyboard – hand wheel

  20. Freely definable hotkeys

  21. Macro programming (for example for turret magazines – robot arms, etc.

  22. Automatic tool changer for up to 20 stations

  23. Spindle speed output via PWM 0-10 Volt

  24. Double drive X1 and X2 or Y1 and Y2 (in preparation)

  25. Automatic tool changer can be controlled

  26. Automatic Rotation axis (also for tangential knives)

  27. Drum engraving on circular surfaces

  28. Freely programmable user macros Statistics Part counter – Operating hours

  29. Parts Counter Reset

  30. Operating hour meter

  31. Engraving via GranitoGrav or laser engraving unit

  32. Styrofoam profile cutting

  33. Backlash compensation

  34. All signal outputs short-circuit-proof – CNCPod cannot be destroyed like other systems by USB or LPT wiring faults

  35. Suitable for servo motors