Wood Lathe Turning Kit

It is so simple:
You draw an open curve in CorelDraw and export it as plt/hpgl file.
Clamp the part you want to work at and set to zero point in x, y and z.
Choose zero point below right in WIN PCNC (new function).
Start …

It doesn’t matter if chess piece or chair leg, etc., use our High-Z CNC milling machine from now on as an allround talent. Milling, engraving, turnery, dosing, plasma arc cutting and others. The turnery results show great precision. We manufactured something really quick. Of course, you can do much better and are probably even more creative!

CNC turning with the High-Z / "Shaping"

The "Shaping Kit" of CNC-STEP turns your High-Z into a CNC lathe/turnery machine.
In a few minutes you can easily convert your machine.

We have not been able to find a CNC lathe at a reasonable price anywhere. What was closer but bridging this gap in the market?

One more thing in advance: All those who have looked for a CNC turning machine, can now take advantage of turning with our CNC milling machines, and turn up to approx. 500 mm length and approx. 70 mm diameter CNC-controlled by means of our software ConstruCAM-3D, as the software is taking care of the contour input and the G code construction.

  • No additional programming needed !
  • All portal milling machines upgradeable !
  • Our "Shaping Kit" includes all necessary turnery parts:
  • Drive-strong buffing motor by Fein, Ltd. and Würth, Ltd. 
  • Tailstock with live centre and 50 mm quill trolley
  • Three jaw chuck up to 80 mm external diameter (The illustrations above still shows the smaller chuck, which we do not sell anymore, new pictures, see below)
  • Includes applicable V2A adapter holder for the buffing motor / applicable to horizontal and vertical position and aluminium adapter flange for the chuck
  • Additional safety clamp ring for the buffing motor
  • T slot panel of 730 mm length included
  • Reinforcing strip 60 x 60
  • 14 T slot nuts and one special milling bit 6mm diameter and 32 mm flute length for wood.

Description of drive motor:

One of the lightest in its classification. With only 2.3 kg it is one of the lightest angle polishing machines in its range – thus having an optimal weight-to-power ratio.

Product Features:

Long, slim handhold
Innovative switch conception
HIGH POWER MOTOR and speed reduction
Twin-bearing of the main bracket
900 – 2700!!! Rev./min.

More Power, less Weight.

The Würth PM 200 E will not collapse even under high grinding pressure. HIGH POWER MOTOR with a two-gear speed reduction reaches a speed torque that usually reach only big polishing machines, even though this machine simply weights 2.3 kg.

Working without interruption.

The Würth PM 200 E does not overheat even at uninterrupted duty. The gear head remains cool. Therefore the sometimes annoying overload warning does not need to be considered as well as costly interruptions during processing. Furthermore variations in the number of revolutions during strain periods are a thing of the past.