Spray Cooling Attachment


Minimum spray cooling lubrication system for our High-Z and any other CNC-mills The spray cooling lubrication system,  is fastened with a fixing screw will fit all CNC milling machines.

It can be operated with a small compressor, where a minimal air pressure of 2 bar is necessary. Fine tuning of  air pressure and liquid flow can be adjusted via nozzle as well as the air flow knob.

All tubing is protected by a stainless steel sheath and therefore resistant to corrosion.  The suction side is equipped with a filter. If extensions are needed, ordinary plastic tubing or appropriate high pressure tubing can be used

An ordinary 'biker drinking flask' is sufficient to use as a coolant holder.

The spray lubrication system will be used most when dealing with hard materials which are difficult to mill, such as aluminium or copper.

You can work on steel as well as on soft materials with the High- Z. Depth of milling and feed rate speed are lower than with soft materials. Cooling when milling in metals is very important.

Coolants used are water soluble oils designed for various metals and ar available from engineering supply stores.

Tapmatic and Rocol are two examples.