RounDINO 120 4th Axis rotation table

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With this rotation axis we stuck to our motto: Stability and precision as well as high quality for all components. Focusing on our motto, we are delighted to present our rotation table / rotation axis, which is certainly excellent quality compared to similar ones in this price class.

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Highest quality made in Germany with high-precision worm-gear and a torque of over 20Nm. Consequently 3D 360° are possible with almost all materials. This means for our High-Z users can now do milling in plastics, timber, aluminum or even brass or engraving of all kinds. Because of its existing 7mm drill-hole, the rotation table can be clamped horizontally as well as vertically. Very easy to set up and operate.

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You can mill a thread with the turntable RounDINO 120. To do this  you need a stylus of 60° head square (pictures will follow), approx. 0,2-0,5mm writing breadth, depending on diameter and gradient of the thread. To define a thread with for example Corel Draw, sketch a sloping line from the bottom up, with a length of  d x 3,14 x number of turns of thread. The backfill of start point to endpoint should be in X = number of turn of a thread x gradient of thread in mm. The rest would be done for you in software WIN PCNC Economy by the function "Circular Engraving".

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